PAYTONs/PEYTONs of Northeast Georgia II book

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PAYTONs/PEYTONs of Northeast Georgia II book in Gainesville

The book is brand new (3rd edition dated 19 November 2017) and has a soft glossy cover with a beautiful picture of the Broad River where the Paytons once lived. The book price includes handling and postage.

The PAYTONs/PEYTONs of Northeast Georgia II book is genealogical book about the Payton families that stemmed from Northeast Georgia.

The book is:
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
624 pages

REVIEWS & BOOK DESCRIPTION of the 2nd Edition:
Anne Barton wrote; I have only skimmed through it so far and am so impressed and excited. The number of sources and the detail you provide are a tremendous boon to researchers and a worthy life opus!! I am looking forward to reading it straight through. It will be not only informative but fun to read with the personal notes and extra info you provide. I have not seen its equal in my researches. Congratulations and thanks so much doing this book.

Joan Allen, Peyton Society of Virginia (PSV) Genealogist wrote; Congratulations and thank you for letting me know that your book is available. I would like to purchase three of your books; one for myself, the Library of Virginia and the National Society of Colonial Dames. Larry’s work is recognized as the most thorough and exacting research and transcribing known to me.

John Howard Payton wrote; Larry, I am very happy for you in completion of the book and proud to know the honorable author. I immediately ordered 10 copies with expedited shipping!!!

Jerry Evans wrote; Larry, I received the book and have literally spent hours reading it. And I will spend many, many more hours reading, as time permits. A lot of detail but a great job! My compliments to you.

Theresa Hall wrote; You have done an excellent job on this book. Adding the documentation provides a look into their lives, not just names. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Dina Wicker wrote; I received your book today and WOW!!! All the details are amazing! My husband had to make me put it down so I could go to the grocery store. This book is a treasure to me. It's something I've always wanted to do but never had the time nor the resources. We will pass this book down throughout the generations.

Al Peyton wrote; Good Stuff!

Linda Whitten wrote; Thank you. We are enjoying the Payton History Book. We appreciate all the effort you put in the book.

The Paytons/Peytons of Northeast Georgia II book with its genealogical charts, source information in chronological order, a pedigree chart, Payton pictures, notes, endnotes and documents begins in Amherst County, Virginia, where William Payton, Senior, Junior and Minor lived prior to William Payton, Jr. & family migrating to Northeast Georgia circa 1784. This book contains breakthrough information, reference sources and provides detailed information about William, Cornelius, Leroy, Moses, Gabriel, George and Chesley Payton lines.

This book provides the most current Payton family information with numerous updates, additional family members and source information that was not included in the first edition. You will find 11 generations of Paytons, 930 different Surnames and 4,172 direct descendants of William Payton, Jr.

The Paytons/Peytons started out in Northeast Georgia poor like so many of their fellow constituents during that time. William Payton, Jr. and his sons settled on 300 acres of third quality land in Madison Co, which was not conducive to farming. The Payton's hunted and fished for a living, while two sons of Cornelius; Richard & Isaac Newton were carpenters and probably built log houses or made furniture. The Payton's had no slaves, very few farm animals, probably a one room log cabin they built themselves, no schools so they couldn’t read or write. They also had to contend with, and were often friendly with the Cherokee Indians. As you can imagine they faced many hardships. Their income was not enough to support themselves, so they had to sell their properties in order to pay off their debts – this was a repeat of what happened in Amherst Co., VA at the end of the RW.

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